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      A Connection You Never Understood Until it Happened

     If you have been following my page on facebook A.MariePhotographyKC you know that I have a love for the connection between parents and their babies.  It amazes me how the bond becomes so real and so fast.  When I had my first child I held him in my arms and thought, “your so sweet, I’m happy to meet you and I hope that I have this amazing bond with you.” Not knowing that all the times I was getting up with him in the middle of the night and time spent snuggling the needy baby I was actually forming such a bond that no one can ever break.  He might hate me one day in his teenager moments but I could never stop loving him.  Then when I was pregnant with my second child I wondered if I could love the second baby as much as I had come to love and cherish   my firstborn.  As soon as he was here I remember thinking why did those feelings ever come to surface.  He is so different from his brother.  I love them both differently and I can love a million children as no one child can replace another.  This year I thought I would do something special for all of the parents.  In April I will have a mother and children date open for a 20 mins session.  So many times life gets so busy we often times miss out on those precious photos with our babies.  This won’t be dress in your Easter attire type session.  I haven’t nailed down all the facts but it will be coming.  Don’t worry dads I will have one special date for you as well.  This time we will focus on our momma’s first.  This is a great thing for a mother’s day present as well.  What mother doesn’t want cherished memories of her and her babies together?Kansas City Newborn PhotographerKansas City Newborn Photographer - A.Marie Photography LLC-2Kansas City Newborn PhotographerKansas Ciy Newborn PhotographerKansas City Newborn PhotographerKansas City Newborn PhotographerKansas City Newborn Photographer

A.Marie Photography LLC specializes in newborn, maternity, and family photography in Kansas City and surrounding area’s including but not limiting to Overland Park and Olathe.

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