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 A Photographer’s Journey

Photography is one of those career paths that everyone seems to be wanting these days.  I’m okay with that I’m relatively new as some would say.  I’ve been shooting for almost 5 yrs but only running a business for two.  You know the REAL kind of business. Paying taxes, insurance, all the important things we really should do.   I’m so grateful for social media these days.  However, not for why you may think.  I mean, yes, I love that I can share pretty pictures.  However, I had no one else around me that I could bounce ideas off, share in my journey.  Social media was my friend.  I found other photographers in groups that helped with editing skills, posing, sharing stories and really made me want to be better.  Recently, I started actually meeting some local girls thanks to one of our local photog groups.  It has been such a blessing to meet other professionals that are local.  Are we competition?  Sure, I guess.  I mean how big is our city?  What are people’s budgets?  What editing styles do we have? Journalistic or posed?  There are so many differences that make this beautiful community it is hard to think of them as you know “snatching up all the clients.”  I love having these other professionals that are quickly becoming friends.

Here is one of them. We are both due within a month of each other and it was SO nice to shoot another photographer.  We got to TRADE sessions.  How wonderful is that?  Now, this was last night so there will be full blog post once her entire session is edited.

Oh, side note.  There was duck poo everywhere and I am 38 weeks pregnant and on rocks with water.  So I went barefoot to make sure I could feel things and not slip and fall. Yes, a shower was much needed but oh my word. The location was beautiful as was this glowing momma!

Kansas City Maternity Photographer | A.Marie Photography LLC

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