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Kansas City Family Photographer

Taking my own children’s pictures.

 So many times our children can be our worst clients. As a photographer my children have had so many times where I ask them to sit still and help me get my settings right etc. I know they get OVER it. On the other hand. I think I often get wrapped in the time of the day and would rather not lug out my big camera and I’ll just snap some pictures with my phone. While my phone gives me memories as well. The quality of pictures are horrible and super grainy and I have this beautiful equipment that is at the palm of my hand and guess what. Insured. So why am I not bringing it with me more. Sure some times I don’t want to play photographer but my children often get the poor end of the deal when it comes to getting their  own pictures done. Why for other people’s children will I act like an idiot, run circles, jump in the air, but for my own little ones I get so frustrated. “Please just hug your brother!” I mean that is what looks good right?  Then I look at the pictures of them and it is SO their personalities. Why is it I want to make them look perfect when I like their dirty faces, their tantrums, their grumpy and excited faces. It makes me remember who they are. That is what I’m trying to capture right? Not this fake, “my kids are perfect” look. It is often how I share my galleries with my clients. A few of their children being just that, playful. It is life I’m going to try and enjoy it. So here is a little glimpse of mine on Halloween. Yep, a week late and just in playing in our backyard. 🙂


Kansas City Family Photographer|A.Marie Photography LLC

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